Voyage of Atonement
The Tainted Treasure

Inspired by actual events – This new release is the final installment of the Dutch Clarke trilogy. (The Early Years, The War Years and Voyage of Atonement)

In turbulent 1963, two war buddies turn their sailboat from the Columbia River to the Pacific to begin an action-packed adventure of photographing war relics for a documentary. Both men are survivors of Japanese prison camps and suffer many hidden scars from WWII.

Their first port of call is the Hawaiian Islands, where they film the rusting underwater hulk of the Battleship Arizona. While in port, they meet two attractive young ladies who are as quirky as the times. The gals befriend the mates, and become crew members on the sailboat. These four adventurous souls now face a sea journey across the vast Pacific as they chase their unforeseen future over the next dark horizon.

Rich in atmosphere and characters, ‘Voyage of Atonement’ is a thrilling story of these adventurous sailors as they navigate the Pacific in search of the past. On the remote islands of Tahiti, these sea scavengers stumble across a mysterious entombed U-boat with a cargo of Nazi gold. At first, the crew is elated. But when their tainted treasure is exposed, it triggers vicious reactions from a secret group of former Nazi SS members (ODESSA) and the country of Israel. These clashing interests reawaken the world’s conscience regarding the Holocaust and reopen old scars of the ruthless Third Reich. Quickly, the crew’s discovery devolves into an internationaltug-of-war with deadly consequences.

Will the scavengers do the right thing, or are they destined to pay a fatal price for their lost treasure?

Brian Ratty is a retired media executive and graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography.  He and his wife, Tess, live on the north Oregon Coast where he writes about and photographs our rugged and majestic region.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 7:00pm