On August 12, 2017, The Friends of the Seaside Public Library welcome author Beckie Elgin and her new book.

“Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7” is the documented history of the tagged wolf, in search of a mate, who left northeast Oregon becoming the first wild wolf to enter California in 87 years.  Beckie masterfully weaves the tale of the Wolf's sojourn, the journey of which is truly astonishing.

OR-7's life is detailed from birth, to the time he left his natal pack, for a 4,000 mile, three year trek. 

Additional discussion includes the lifestyle of wolves, their history with humans, and methods used by scientists to study wolves.  The author will explore the complicated dilemma of “intruding” into the lives of wolves, specifically GPS collaring and its role in species protection.

Beckie Elgin is a writer and an RN living in Southern Oregon.

Beckie studied English and Creative Writing at Southern Oregon University, has a degree in Environmental Studies from Simpson College and an ADN in Nursing.

She graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University in June of 2010.

Her father was the director of a zoo in Iowa when she was growing up, allowing her to live with wolves and other animals.



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Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 1:00pm