The Friends of the Seaside Library welcome Jim Aalberg who will discuss his book, Historical Company Towns of Clatsop County.

The history of Clatsop County and most of its cities cannot be told without the blood, sweat, and sawdust of the Oregon logger.  Similarly, the mills that the industry spawned formed the backbone of our county. 

Historical Company Towns of Clatsop County  focuses on the sawmills at Wauna, Westport, and Bradwood, an integral part of the logging business at home and abroad.

The industry once flourished and provided jobs for hundreds of families as well as fueling the local economy. 

Aalberg writes that the folks who played such a large part of our history were driven by “a work ethic that American towns and cities could only hope to aspire to today.” 

The book was meticulously researched through newspaper archives, libraries, trade publications, and interviews; It includes over 100 photographs and illustrations

Jim Aalberg is an amateur historian and writer.  He is a fourth generation Oregonian and direct descendant of Captain John West, founder of Westport. 

He sits on the Board of the Clatsop County Historical Society and is a lifetime member  of the Sons & Daughters of Oregon Pioneers.

The lecture will take place in the Community Room at 1:00 p.m.

Book sales and signings wll follow the event.



Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 1:00pm