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Search from thousands of News and Magazine articles, Academic Journals and Books.  This is an excellent and powerful tool for a research project.

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Oregon's Online Reference Service

Available 24/7

Produced by the Clatsop Community Action, Coastal Family Health Center and the NW Senior & Disability Services.

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For more information you can go to the Clatsop Community Action Website.


Legal Information Resource Center (EBSCO)  - full-text legal reference publications, the majority provided by Nolo Press.
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FastCase - includes the United States Code, United States Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases; and  cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, constitutions, attorney general opinions, and session laws for Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.

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This is a link to Oregon Law Help, a resource for legal information.


Links to the State and Federal Agencies
to find and download needed forms:

New York Times

Made available through the Astoria Public Library

as part of the Northwest Library Cooperative

Available Here

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Only Accessible at the Astoria Public Library, Warrenton Community Library and the Seaside Public Library