Homeschool / Homework

Homeschool / Homework

In addition to the books and other resources available in the library, there are many educational websites for kids and teens to explore.

Here are a few to get you started -- for school, for homework, or just for fun.

Research help

Online databases: Visit the library's online database pages for kids and teens, or access the complete list. These resources offer a wide range of reference materials for grades K-12. All you need is your library card number!

Reading and language arts


Interactive e-books, language learning, puzzle books, and more.


Books recommendations and reviews written by kids and teens.


Book recommendations, author interviews, series A-Z, contests, and more.


Book reviews, recommendations, author interviews, reading lists, and more.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Resources for all stages of the writing process, with pages created specifically for grades 7-12.

Social studies.

United Nations

Information about the United Nations, global issues, and UN member states.

CIA World Factbook

Facts and maps covering all the countries of the world.

American Memory

The Library of Congress' digital collection of historic photographs, videos, and other primary sources from U.S. history.

Math and computers

A+ Click

Math and logic problems for grades 1-12.

Cool Math

Pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus lessons and practice.

Math Playground

Math games and practice for grades K-8.


A programming language and community for developing to basic programming skills.

Hour of Code offers basic tutorials and practice for kids and teens interested in learning to code.



Step-by-step resource for all stages of developing a science fair project.


News, photographs, video, and learning resources from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Genetics, cell biology, ecology, neuroscience, and human health resources.